It all started when fake news was in circulation,then an idea behind ShomExpress was conceived and birthed by Comrade Shom Fanen Akor.

The idea is to share with the public real and true Information.

ShomExpress represent facts about happenings around us.

Shom Fanen Akor is a Nigerian who has a lot of passion for Humanitarian activities, Teaching, writing, blogging and sharing real & true informations on Social Media platforms.

Shom is also an activist,who derives joy in fighting for the Rights of the people and helping the needy where he can.

Via his initiative: E.G, Taking food/Items to the Benue IDPs;a lot were fed and clothed, school fees were paid for those who could not afford, Surgeries and operations were done for the less privilege.

With God and People assisting Mr Shom, the work has been very progressive.

According to Mr Shom,it all came from God,may i never take glory for it all came from God.

He has work with NGO’s and organizations.

He is a philanthropist.

He is a man every community/organization will like to have.

He is: SHOM FANEN AKOR {CEO ShomExpress}