Having voted out the “jackals and hyenas” in the PDP administration in 2015;it will be dangerous to return them Back-Tinubu


Tinubu spoke on Saturday when he addressed party supporters who thronged the APC presidential campaign rally at Mallam Aminu Kano Triangle, Dutse in large numbers.

He said having voted out the “jackals and hyenas” in the PDP administration in 2015, it would be disastrous to give them another opportunity back to power.

He said: “You did the courageous job of chasing away the locusts eight years ago, do not trust their deceptive promises. Do not let them back into power. Like locusts, they will devour everything in their path!

“Instead, vote for the people that have a track record of delivering prosperity to the people. We did it in Lagos and Borno, and with your help, we will do it again for Nigeria. Vote for the people with the vision, capacity, competence and integrity to do what is right.

“Vote for responsive and responsible leadership. Vote for us. Vote for the APC on February 25 and March 11.”

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