2023: North will produce Nigeria’s next president – PDP youths insist

Nigeria Politics

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Youth Frontier on Thursday revealed the region it supports to produce Nigeria’s next president.

Austin Okai, the National Coordinator of the PDP youth wing, said the North would produce Nigeria’s next president.

Speaking exclusively with DAILY POST, Okai explained that the North still has an outstanding tenure due to the death of former president Umaru Yar’Adua.

He pointed out that former President Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure should have gone to the North.

According to Okai, Jonathan’s insistence to contest the 2015 election led to PDP’s defeat.

Okai said: “The next president is coming from the North, Yar’Adua’s tenure is still remaining.

“Jonathan came from the Southsouth to rule, and that was why we lost the 2015 election because the North insisted on completing their term, but Jonathan insisted on contesting.

“Jonathan’s insistence made the Northerners vote for APC.

“The PDP has its arraignment. The eight years of the South, eight years of the North. After Obasanjo completed his eight years, we were waiting for Ya’ Adua to complete his own eight years, but he died in the second year.

“So, Jonathan from the Southsouth did six years, and the North is still having one term remaining. This is what we are canvassing on.”

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