IPOB Threats:South East War Veterans,Charges President Buhari to deal decisively with IPOB

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In a twist of developments, seccesionist group by the name Biafra Think Tank has issued a 21 day ultimatum to the government authorities to release their leader, Kanu, who was re-arested and brought back to the country for continuation of trial.

Nnamdi Kanu had jumped bail in 2017. He has continued to instigate violence on security formations and killings of innocent citizens particularly in the South East.

Reacting to the ultimatum , war veterans in the South East called on the president to ignore the rantings of faceless groups such as the Biafra Think Tank.

“As people who fought the civil war and laid a background for the nation’s unity, we can not look the other way while our efforts are undermined by self seeking elements”

Rtd Warrant officer Emeka Onu, spokesperson for the group said the scars of the civil war were too horrifying to imagine another one such as promoted by dissidents”

“Mr president and security agencies must rise to the occasion , knowing that Nigerians are in full support of efforts to return the country to the path of peace and unity”

The veterans urged security agencies to continue on the trail of other collaborators so as to bring them to justice.

The veterans insisted that instead of resorting to threats of invasion of Aso Rock and kidnap of law abiding individuals, they should urge their followers to retrace their steps and turn in a new leaf.

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