Any professor,lecture caught rigging election in Rivers will be given a Coup plotters treatment~Wike

Nigeria Politics

Barr. Nyesom Wike,the Executive Governor of Rivers State said, on Tuesday that anyone caught rigging elections in the state henceforth would be punished as coup plotter.

Wike, who stated this at the groundbreaking ceremony for a 9,200 capacity Convocation Arena at the University of Port Harcourt, also slammed university lecturers for allowing themselves to be used for election rigging.

According to him, the varsity teachers are trading the integrity for appointment as vice-chancellor after helping their paymasters to rig elections.

He said: “Not one person will dare to rig election in Rivers State. Not one person will dare. I tell people, allow the university community to produce those who will be leaders of this country.

“Don’t turn universities to where you will have politicians who manipulate and change the mandate of the people. Anybody who does that, know it is a coup and you know the punishment for coup plotters.

“These days, you see a lecturer, PhD holder, a professor ready to soil his name, to allow self to be kidnapped and taken somewhere to sign results and to declare somebody who did not win election winner.”

“If you, especially vice-chancellors want to play politics with us, I will rub you mud. If you want to join the politicians, openly come and join us. But if you want to hide under the university, be prepared for the consequences”

On the electronic transmission of elections results in 2023, the governor added: “INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) knows they have to be prepared. We will resist any attempt for anybody to manipulate the amendment of the Electoral Act.

“To say election results will not be transmitted electronically will not happen. If you want the vote of the people to count, the results must be transmitted electronically.”

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