Reps move to increase retirement age for legislative workers

Nigeria Politics

The House of Representatives on Wednesday moved to increase the retirement age and years of service for legislative workers in the country.

The House Chief Whip, Tahir Monguno, who sponsored the bill, said there is the need to professionalise the service and ensure the transfer of knowledge and experience by the top management staff who are on the verge of leaving the system.

According to him, the bill seeks to increase the retirement age for legislative workers from 60 years to 65 years and service years from 35 years to 40 years.

Monguno stressed that the bill is necessary to fortify the bureaucracy in the legislature.

He, however, insisted that the bill would help build institutional memory and develop a career progression plan in the National Assembly.

The Chief Whip said: “This hopes to lead to modest improvement in the condition of service for staff, strengthen and reposition the legislature by laying a solid foundation for sustainable legislative bureaucracy.”

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