Jay Z, Kanye West on my watchlist, says designer


MUSIC stars, Jay Z and Kanye West are some of the celebrities on the watchlist of rising fashion designer, Francis Onyekar Nwabude of Tobeque Couture.

Nwabude said it would be a dream come true to see American rappers, Jay Z and Kanye West rock his Nigeria-made designs.

“Our last collection was targeted at some certain people. The Jay-Zs of the world, the Chadwick Boseman’s (RIP), the Kanye Wests of this world. I’m yet to get clients of their status, but my current clients are the cream of the crop. But if I can get the Jay-Zs and co of this world to wear my stuff, it’ll be the best,” Nwabude says.

Speaking further, Nwabude said his last collection was targeted at top American celebrities including Jay Z and late actor Chadwick Boseman.

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