Samsung’s next in-ears, Galaxy Buds 2 revealed in Wear app code

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Samsung's next in-ears, Galaxy Buds 2 revealed in Wear app code

(Pocket-lint) – Samsung could be about to launch an update to its true wireless (TWS) earbuds range. And for this next set it appears Samsung is going to return to numerical naming. 

Leaked code found within the Wear app reveals a product called ‘Galaxy Buds2’, which suggests the company is simplifying its naming strategy, but not a lot else. 

Android Police found the reference while tearing down the Wear app’s APK, and was able to confirm that this was a new product and that it has the codename ‘Berry’. 

The teardown revealed the name, plus the fact that these buds will be able to connect to multiple devices, rather than just being paired to one device at a time. Best USB-C headphones for Android phones 2021Best USB-C headphones for Android phones 2021By Dan Grabham · 30 March 2021

Apart from that, very little is known and no device specifics have been revealed except that the report is confident this is genuinely a new product and not just a codename for an existing device. 

It seems likely anything called Galaxy Buds 2 will be released to replace the entry level Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+, rather than be an upgrade or replacement to the newer Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro

While its first couple of pairs of TWS buds weren’t perfect, they’ve often been seen as a default competitor to the Apple AirPods for people who don’t use iPhones. Plus, the 2019/20 improvement in the Live and Pro models means they’re much easier to recommend than they used to be. 

If Samsung can take the qualities of its two latest pairs and put them in a more affordable pair of Buds (the Galaxy Buds2) we may finally get a great entry level pair of TWS earphones from the tech giant. 

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