Fashion, modeling more lucrative than civil service – Martins


Olivia Martins is a philanthropist, founder Skin Care & Spar as well as an award winning model who won the Miss Nigeria American Nation Award, 2021.

In this interview, a sneak peekis given into how Martins was able to establish herself in the fashion and modelling scene, defying serious challenges to set up an industry.

Olivia Martins has grown to become very popular in Nigeria’s fashion and modeling scene in recent times. What informed your decision to key into this venture?

My name is Olivia Martins. I was born in Argbor local governmet area of Delta state. I am an entreprenuer, brand owner and devoted to humanitarian assistance. My brand name is Livia Skin and Spar. I always have love for modeling. I enjoy watching fashion TV especially morning shows on TV series and immediately after watching, park my mom’s clothes for practice. It’s actually right from my childhood and from the moment i completed my secondary school, i ventured fully into it. I went to a modeling agency to learn the basics of modeling and that was how i got myself into it.

You were recently crowned Miss Nigeria America Nation Award Winner, 2021. How has that transformed your life in the fashion and modeling business?

Well, receiving big prizes and awards is one thing that always make me feel elated. You know, even before receiving the 2021 Miss Nigeria America Nation Award, i was the winner of Abia Next Top Model Award 2018 which have also been glorifying and i am hoping to continue to receive much more in my career.
What is your typical day like?My daily routine is not static. They are always changing, given the nature of the circumstances. Whenever there’s school for instance, first thing every morning is to go to school and immediately after that, prepare to attend to clients.

Is the modeling and fashion business paying?

Yes, of course! It’s paying, even more than civil service. In fact, my passionate appeal to our teaming young people especially graduates is to key into it. It offers abundants opportunities for people to harness for improved productivity, human capacity and wellbeing.

What attracted you towards humanitarian activities?

Well, speaking about my foundation and what motivated me to humanitarian activities i think giving is part of me. I love giving. God said give and it shall be given onto you. I don’t act to say I am waiting for something before I give in return. I give because I fill fulfilled when I give. I find too much joy rendering services to people, especially the indigent and the less privilege ones whom I always look at to offer assistance.I can say one more thing that motivated me to humanitarian activities is of course, how i was born and brought up from a very low class family. My parents weren’t rich. They had nothing. I grew up having nothing until I suddenly brought smiles on my family’s faces and we were able to eat and take care of ourselves properly so whenever I see people on the streets I have this kind of feelings that whatever I am doing one day, like I use to be in thesituation but my own wasn’t that worse to be on the streets begging. But I always have the feelings that I want to do this for this person and for women and victims of disasters or other vulnarable persons.

How are you thinking of perfecting modeling business to the international standard?

Of course, why not? Modeling industry can meet up the international standard so far as we are putting too much efforts, we can achieve that.

Like other aspects of human endeavor, modeling and fashion business is faced with a number of problems. What are those challenges you encountered along the line?

There were so many emotional and heart breaking moments in my career. You know been a beauty queen and going to school and owning a business used to be very much demanding. It’s never been an easy thing and one more thing is that my personal life and the modeling culture are two different things and to combine the two means sacrificing my personal need to make the business thrives.

What’s that one thing you have to tell aspiring entrepreneurs and models?
Stay focused

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