Over 500 thousand Nigerians vaccinated so far – NPHCDA


The National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) has disclosed that it has vaccinated 513,626 Nigerians so far, representing a total sum of 25.5% of Nigeria’s vaccine proportion.

The agency disclosed this in a statement on Sunday evening. It reveals that Nigerian states are increasing the vaccination push.

Lagos State remains the State with the most vaccinations so far at 11-,042, representing 43.3% of its proportion. Meanwhile, the state with the most vaccinations so far through proportion given is Kwara at 26,463, representing 94.9%.

Kogi state remains the only state yet to vaccinate any individual.

The Federal Capital Territory has vaccinated 16.5% of its proportion, which is a total of 18,080 vaccinations.


The rise in vaccination numbers is impressive, as Nairametrics reported on the 27th of March that the National Primary Health Care Development (NPHCDA) disclosed that Nigeria had vaccinated nearly 10% of its allocated Covid-19 AstraZeneca proportions at a rate of 9.5%, which was a total sum of 374,585 people so far.

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