Naeto C & Nicole celebrate their first child Marobi


Rapper, Naeto C and his wife, Nicole, celebrated their first child, Marobi, who turned 8 on Thursday, March 25.

Nicole shared photos from their family get-together to celebrate Marobi.

In a special post shared on her page, Nicole also celebrated NaetoC for making their journey into parenthood an easy ride.

”ROBI IS 8!! My son and my heartbeat are getting so big.

Marobi is EVERYONE’s sweetheart. You meet him, you fall in love. He’s my testimony, my breakthrough, and a constant source of joy in my life

Happy Birthday, Robi C! You are SO loved, my precious boy.

Happy Eight Years of Parenthood to us! What a journey it’s been, and wowwww I’m so grateful that I chose the right man to impregnate me.

Thank you so much @naetosuperc for being an incredible role model to our children. My kids know how to love and be loved, because of the way you love us. ??

I pray God continues to bless us with all the things we need spiritually and materially to help Marobi, Adarema and Naesochukwu be the very best they can be”

Nicole and Naeto C got married in July 2012 and welcomed Marobi in March 2013.

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