I can’t be caught dead fighting over a man ― BBNaija Dorathy


It is exactly one month today since BBNaija Dorathy Bachor launched a lingerie line called MFC Lingerie. According to the reality TV star, MFC Lingerie was born out of the need to cater to the needs of the full chested women, leaving them confident, comfortable and chic. In celebrating the first month anniversary of the outfit, Dorathy decided to have a little chat with Potpourri on being busty and more. Excerpts: Most busty women didn’t find it easy growing up, what was your experience growing up with huge boobs? I didn’t grow up with huge boobs. My body only started changing in the second year of university and it wasn’t anything to be ashamed of, I embraced every step and I’m here today.

What kind of body shaming did you suffer and how did it affect your mental growth as a young woman? It was never a thing for me until I got famous and how it has affected me is simply making me more confident because I know they are threatened but this girl they feel isn’t up to their standards but she’s still killing it. I’m God’s creation.

What is the next level for you as a Big Brother Naija reality star, are we expecting your reality show any sooner?

We have one in view and hopefully, it works out. Did you have any romantic feelings towards anyone during the Big Brother Naija Lockdown? Capital no. What attracts you to the opposite sex and would you say you have had a crush on somebody before? (Laughs) Always crushing, for me is being able to relate with the person and your sense of humour. For people aiming to be on the Big Brother Show, what should they do to make the audition and the show?

Be Yourself. They know what they’re looking out for every year.

If it isn’t you this year, it might be you next year. Don’t give up. As a star, what kind of brands can you represent and not represent? I’m big on self-respect, so anything that reflects badly on my brand and feminism is a “NO” Should a woman propose to a man?

If you love him enough, do you. I wouldn’t What would you never be caught doing for all the money in the world? Fighting over a man.

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