How my late dad inspired Dad’s Song ― Teni


Award-winning artist and entertainer Teniola Apata has revealed the inspiration behind the song- Dad’s Song on her recently released debut album, ‘Wondaland’. Teni told Chude Jideonwo on the weekly episode of #WithChude what it entails to deal with the loss of a loved one.

The death of her assistant wasn’t Teni’s first encounter with losing a loved one. She also lost her father at a very young age. “Dad’s song is a song for everyone that has lost someone.

Dealing with loss is crazy because people tell you that you’ll get over it, but you never get over it. You just don’t get over the loss”, said Teni.

“When I was recording this song I was sitting in my living room and watching my father’s funeral- his body in the casket, my mother crying.

I needed those emotions to be able to record that song in its true form. Everything I sang had to be from a place of truth”, she added.

Teni spoke rather fondly of her father, describing him as “a genius” and “a man deserving of idolisation”. She also revealed that her father planned ahead for the family, such that even after his death, she was still able to go to school in the United States, and her family could live a decent life.

Teni De Entertainer as she is fondly called has dazzled Nigerians and indeed the world with hits after hits since she hit the ground running in 2016. Some of her hits include Case, Dangote, Uyo Meyo and many more. Vanguard News Nigeria

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