Galaxy 21’s coolest camera feature coming to older Samsung flagships?


Samsung has a history of bestowing new camera features on older devices and that might be the case with the Galaxy S21‘s excellent Director View mode.Subscribe to our newsletter 

According to T-Mobile’s support page for the Galaxy S20, the feature, which enables users to record photos and videos from multiple cameras at once, is scheduled to arrive on the 2020 handset. The network features a guide to using the Director’s View on the Galaxy S20, despite it remaining exclusive to the Galaxy S21 range right now.

Of course, it’s possible someone at T-Mobile (viaSamMobile) has their wires crossed, but it’s equally plausible it has jumped the gun on revealing the feature for the Galaxy S21. Given this is a software dependent feature, rather than reliant on S21’s camera hardware, there’s no reason why Samsung won’t follow past precedent and bring Director’s Mode to last year’s flagships.

In his review, our own Max Parker was impressed with the Director’s View, which offers a live preview for each camera in real time, enabling users to between the cameras while recording in real time. There’s also a Vlogger mode that enables users to film using the front and rear cameras simultaneously, at HD resolution and 30fps.

In describing the feature, Samsung explains: “Capture more of your scene and tell a better story with the new video features. Like a creative movie director, you can simply switch between different views while shooting, and make a video with the front-facing camera and rear-facing camera simultaneously.”

If and when the new feature might arrive is anyone’s guess. The recent One UI 3.1 update has already brought some of the S21’s camera features to the Galaxy S20, Note 20, Z Fold 2, and Z Flip. The enhanced single take feature, which captures multiple images with just one tap, and the smart erase tool were bestowed upon the older devices back in February.

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