Comedian, Mr Macaroni, urges youths to prepare for 2023 election


Ace Nigerian comedian Adebola Adebayo better known by his pseudonym, Mr Macaroni has urged youths in the country to prepare for the 2023 election.

Mr Macaroni in a social media post admonished youths to exercise their civic responsibility by registering for their voter’s card and preparing to elect new leaders into power.

Macaroni, one of the most outspoken entertainers in the country stated that youths should desist from being bystanders and mere onlookers.

Taking to Twitter, Macaroni wrote;

“Nigerian Youths, Time no dey ooo…

Even while we continue to use our voices and platforms to speak up, we must take voting seriously come 2023!!

We know say e no go easy oo but let’s make efforts!!

We must get our PVC and Vote!!!”

The social media continued;

“Nigerian Youths, we must wake up ooo.

We have only ourselves.

Sheyb una see how dem don dey defect from PDP to APC and from APC to PDP!!

They don’t have shame ooo.

All of them are the same.

They are all United in corruption and impunity.

Voting is an Avenue we have to explore.”

In his concluding paragraph, Mr Macaroni told Nigerian youths to continue to fight for their fundamental rights by agitating against the corrupt government.

Here is what he wrote in conclusion;

Nigerian Youths. Let’s be informed!

Understand the role of elected officers in government and how to hold them accountable, more information on how to get your PVC and general political participation.”

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