Music Venue Trust Celebrates International Women’s Day 2021


Music Venue Trust is highlighting International Women’s Day by celebrating women who work in the UK’s grassroots music sector.

Tying in with today’s (March 8) annual celebration of women, the charity, which campaigns for the support of grassroots communities, will spotlight women who are important to independent music using the social media hashtag #WomenToTheFront.

Music Venue Trust recently announced six patrons for the initiative, all of whom work in the industry, rock duo Nova Twins (pictured), Welsh trio Adwaith, DJs Moxie and HAAi, singer-songwriter Kerri Watt, and Director of Mother Artists Live, booking agent Natasha Gregory. Sarah Claudine, Events, Projects and Communications at Music Venue Trust said:

“It’s incredibly important to Music Venue Trust to be using International Women’s Day 2021 as an opportunity to celebrate the women who play such an important role in the UK’s Grassroots Music Industry. We are very proud to have so many remarkable women contribute to MVT, from our core team and coordinators to our board of trustees and patrons and know that this diversity is reflective of the changing face of the wider live music community.”

Watt added: “When I began touring 9 years ago, the industry felt to me like kind of a boys’ club. However, as the years have gone on, I’ve been proud to watch so many wonderful women step into and gain recognition in the live music sector. One of my early gigs was booked after a promoter in Glasgow saw me on YouTube – her support really gave me the courage I needed to pursue music as a career. 

From tour managers to merchandise sellers, venue owners to sound engineers, and members of my own band, I’ve experienced first-hand the heart and soul that the women in our industry put in to live music. I see my colleagues as role models, giving younger women the confidence to get more involved in live music and work within an industry they’re really passionate about.”

Nova Twins added: “We owe so much to grassroots venues. They are the only way new bands can gain experience and start their careers! They support new artists and bring together an incredible community of local music lovers and musicians. They are essential for smaller bands touring around the UK. Without them, we don’t know where we’d be today!”

Head here for more information on the Music Venue Trust.

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