‘Eagle Wings’, Nollywood and Nigerian Air force’s collaboration premieres in Lagos


On March 7, producers of anticipated Nollywood war drama, ‘Eagle Wings’ hosted industry’s finest to a memorable evening for the Lagos premiere of the film.

The event which held at Blue Pictures cinema, City Mall had the film’s lead cast including Femi Jacobs, Enyinna Nwigwe in attendance alongside notable Nollywood influencers like Segun Arinze, legendary filmmaker Izu Ojukwu and Charles Novia in attendance.

Written, directed and produced by Paul Apel Papel, ‘Eagle Wings’ follows the story of brave Nigerian Airforce soldiers and their fight against insurgency in northern Nigeria.

Speaking at the film premiere, Papel revealed that it was an order to be able to tell the stories of these men who go on the frontline to defend the country.

“I am excited about making this movie at this moment because Nigerians will appreciate how much effort, the military has to go through and the sacrifices they make to ensure we have the peace we are experiencing. We have seen firsthand what they go through and if we begin to appreciate them they will do more.

“In this film, we win this fight so we are going to win the fight in the real life also. We make films to give people hope and in this movie we have that hope, we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The film is one of the first collaborations between Nollywood and the Nigerian Air Force and also stars Francis Duru, Sadiq Daba, Keppy Ekpenyong, Paul Apel Papel among others.

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