You Must Work Hard If… —Niniola


When it comes to recounting her experience and significant influences on her rise to stardom, former Project Fame contestant and queen of Afro-house, Niniola Apata, certainly doesn’t mince words.

The multi-talented artiste opened up in a recent interview about her West African Idol  audition and how a combination of multiple failed auditions, grit, and hard work were  instrumental in her success story.

Recalling her West African Idol experience, Niniola  acknowledged that the constructive  criticism of judges – singer-songwriter Dede Mabiaku and deceased radio personality and former  media consultant, Dan Foster, motivated her to be better.

“When I heard about Dan Foster’s demise, it hurt me so much because I said I was going to look  for him and hug him because his words were like sandpaper. They were rough but smoothened me”,  she said.

“Dede helped with my confidence and helped me realise and maintain that the voice is there.

[He said], ‘You have it, don’t let anyone tell you don’t have it; all you can do is work on  it, harness it’. I told myself after West African Idol that I was going to work on myself and  be so good that no-one will be able to question my craft”, she concluded.

When asked about her work ethics, Niniola said, “Hard work is very important, and it will  never go in vain. Just be yourself, and the world will listen to you.”

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