How the mobile revolution is impacting our lives


Mobile technology impacts all areas of our lives today. The revolution in mobile technology began in the 19mobile phone base stations.

Then in 1973, Motorola launched the first mass-produced handheld mobile phones. These early mobile phones, often referred to as 0G mobile phones, led to the phones used now which rely on 4G or 5G mobile technology.

The mobile revolution has enabled global communities to form, but there are concerns too, the impact of which we look at here.

Online entertainment
The mobile revolution has seen all of us spend more time online than ever before. Whether catching up with family, shopping, doing research, watching movies or gaming, all of this is now all possible at any time, wherever we are.

Nowadays, almost all businesses offer mobile-accessible sites for smartphones and tablets. Whether you are placing an order for a new pair of jeans, researching the best financial advisor or wanting to play a casino game on the move like blackjack mobile, it is really easy to do all of this. You can begin a game of blackjack at home and continue it on the bus or train.

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