Razer launches Anzu smart glasses with Bluetooth audio for $200


Razer is the latest company to launch a pair of smart glasses, but the company’s new Razer Anzu glasses have more in common with Bose Framesor Amazon Echo Frames than Google Glass or Microsoft Hololens.

Essentially, the Razer Anzu smart glasses look like a normal set of glasses with slightly slick frames. There’s no display for virtual or augmented reality applications. But the frames have built-in hardware that lets you use them as Bluetooth headphones with support for music, phone calls, and virtual assistant software, when paired with a smartphone.

You can also use touch controls so that your phone can stay in your bag or pocket.


Razer Anzu comes with a set of polarized sunglass lenses that offer protection from ultraviolet light as well as blocking about 35 percent of blue light. But you can also swap out the lenses for prescription lenses.

The  glasses are rated IPX4 for water resistance, so you should be able to wear them in the rain or while sweating during a workout. And they come in four shapes and sizes:

  • Small rectangular
  • Small round
  • Large rectangular
  • Large round

Weighs range from 43 to 48 grams (1.5 to 1.7 ounces), and Razer says the Anzu smart glasses should be able to provide more than 5 hours of battery life… which doesn’t seem like a lot, but you try stuffing a microphone, Bluetooth 5.1 radio, and speakers into a pair of glasses that weighs less than 1.7 ounces, and see how much room you have for a bigger battery?

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