US based Nigerian filmmaker, Nnamdi Kanaga unveils trailer for all-black cast film ‘The Hail Mary’


US-based Nigerian filmmaker, Nnamdi Kanaga has unveiled the official trailer for his forthcoming feature film, ‘The Hail Mary’.

Shot in the cities of Bozeman and Livingston Montana, the film follows the story of a war veteran who moves to Montana in an attempt to repair his relationship with his grown son. Father and son are forced to confront their differences on a significant day in their lives.

The film stars Kanaga is written and directed by Kanaga who stars in the film alongside Ozzie Jones, Sean Michael Harrison, Tinesha Ersland, Rachel Missie and Jaidian Donovan Arruda.

Having worked in Nollywood for years as an actor, Kanaga moved to the United States in 2018 and released his directorial debut ‘Talisman’ in 2019. ‘The Hail Mary’ is first Montana-made film with an all-black lead cast.

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