How well do you know Liz Benson?


Liz Benson is undisputedly one of the pioneering talents of Nollywood. with over 200 movie titles listed on her filmography.

The multiple award-winning actress has over the years, remained scandal free with no known social media accounts or news of her private life making headlines. Well that’s not until she began trending on Twitter NG on Thursday, February 25, 2021.

A video featuring Benson and colleague Mercy Johnson on the latter’s cook show surfaced online. In the viral video, the veteran actress and full-time evangelist gave a marital advice that kickstarted a Twitter debate.

Benson’s day old saga, on the bright side, forced fans to revisit some of the actress’s greatest moments in Nollywood.

Born Elizabeth Benson, on April 5, 1966, the movie star developed a flair for acting at a young age. At 27, Benson landed her debut acting role in 1993 television series, ‘Fortunes’ after returning to Nigeria from the United States where she acquired a Bachelors degree in Dramatic Arts.

In 1994, she landed her breakthrough role as Jane in the Chika Onukwufor directed hit movie, ‘Glamour Girls’. The role shot her to fame and launched her career now spanning nearly three decades with a few breaks in between.

Suddenly, at the peak of her career, Benson went into an unexpected hiatus. The actress who had suffered a major blow- the loss of her husband. During this period, she found another life purpose and years later, resurfaced as an evangelist.

Before her hiatus, the actress had delivered stellar performances in hit movies including ‘Diamond Ring’, ‘ Izaga’, ‘Shame’, ‘Oath’ and ‘Witches’.

In 2009, in a very private ceremony, Benson tied the knot with her pastor sweetheart, Samuel Gabriel Etim. With her hands full with evangelical work, the actress barely had time to be fully invested in Nollywood. The roles she took on during this period as expected, were conservative and in line with her religious belief.

Benson now Ameye returned to acting briefly in 2013 for her AMVCA supporting actress winning role in Udoka Oyeka’s short film ‘ Living Funeral’. The film based on breast cancer earned multiple award nominations.

Following Oyeka’s film, the actress starred in the 2014 internationally acclaimed ‘Dry’ directed by Stephanie Okereke-Linus.

Lately, the actress who is based in Delta state splits her time between acting and full time evangelism. She has featured in a handful of Rok Studios’ productions.

In recent times, the actress who is now based in Delta state,Source: Pulse Nigeria

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