Nigerians Blast Senator Adeyeye For Saying Tinubu Best Candidate To Succeed Buhari


Nigerians have taken to social media to condemn a comment made by a former Minister of State for Works and Chairman of Southwest Agenda 23, Senator Dayo Adeyeye, that the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, is the best candidate to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

Giving justifications for his endorsement, Adeyeye was quoted as saying, “Tinubu is a good product that doesn’t need any advertisement and he has contributed greatly to the growth and development of the nation. He is a consummate democrat and progressive.”

However, many Nigerians seem to have a contrary opinion to this. Some have taken to the microblogging site, Twitter, to lambast Adeyeye for his comment.

A Twitter user, Fahad Ibrahim Danladi (@FahadKano), said, “I thought (Goodluck) Jonathan was the most incompetent president until we had Buhari now. Tinubu is a dictator that is worse than the two. He doesn’t allow the will of the masses to prevail during primary and general elections. In sha Allah, people like Tinubu will never rule Nigeria.”

For Peter J.E (@ebuga23), the former Lagos State governor, Tinubu, should never get to the corridor of power. He tweeted, “Tinubu! God forbid. Once president, he will own everywhere like Lagos and make us live like slaves. And I don’t think he will step down after his tenure. Rather, he will try to elongate his tenure through legislation.”

Another user, ASM @Dr_Crypto_fccn opined that Tinubu cannot improve the current situation of things in the country if he succeeds President Buhari. He said, “One old devil to replace another. Same cabal, same mentality, same ancient of years. These are not the kind of men Nigeria needs as president. They brought Nigeria to where she is, they can’t have the solution to save her.”

Corroborating the views of ASM, Mr. Blanco (@Mr. Blanc00519358) wrote, “What nonsense is that? No other young and articulated Nigerian again? We can’t continue to recycle old men and expect Nigeria to move forward. Bringing Tinubu or anyone of their age bracket is like selling cats and buying monkeys. We will still have a crawling thing to deal with.”
Also reacting to Adeyeye’s comment, Daniel Chris (@ChrisElChris), said, “Yes, very true. Who better succeeds a criminal if not a worse criminal? I don’t think Nigeria needs a successor for Buhari, he will be worse. Nigeria needs restructuring and these ‘old things’ should pass away. Then we can have leadership and build on from there. #GodBlessNigeria”
Pamilerin Angelraf (@iam_angelraf) said, “We have many options but wait till that time. Tinubu is selfish and greedy and he hasn’t lent his voice on any hot issues happening in Nigeria. He swiftly faulted GEJ administration but went AWOL on the cataclysmic government led by PMB.”

For Twitter User, Oga Pharmacist (@gospel_Rx), Tinubu has not shown leadership values for him to be appointed as president. He said, “Well, I believe Nigerians are wiser now to media gaslighting and rhetoric, the event of 2015 would not be allowed to repeat itself. Tinubu hasn’t shown himself a worthy character to lead a country like Nigeria, not in these times, especially when the country is almost at war.”

OlayeDave (@mary_digs) wrote, “The next after Tinubu will be MC Oluomo or Demon Eliot. Jonathan was incompetent but you all lost your voice by electing Buhari, now Bullion van master. If God let Tinubu be the president of Nigeria, be sure civil war is certain and one Nigeria is gone forever.”

Condemning the comment and the endorsed candidate, Twitter user Techbae (@proxybee_ said), “Tinubu is not intelligent, he is a tyrant, a political thuggery/violence enabler, and promoter (this is no secret), who should be arrested in a working country but Nigerians like to relate every stupidity to intelligence instead of calling it for what it is.”

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